Ways to Fundraise at Home

Getting involved in fundraising ticks so many boxes. Raise funds for our excellent cause, develop new skills and have fun. 

COVID-19 has affected our lives in so many ways and the creativity that has emerged over the last few months has been amazing.


Creativity that has extended to fundraising. Individuals are needing support more than ever and whilst we can’t get involved in the usual fundraising activities, we have lots of great ideas for ways you can still help.    

 Fundraise At Christmas

Get creative and add a really personal touch to your Christmas whilst raising funds for Angela

  • Christmas Bake Box - Christmas and cake go hand in hand. For a donation, why not make your family and friends favourites and box those treats!

  • Crafty Christmas - Why not indulge your creativity and make some festive baubles, bunting or a wreath. There are plenty of options, just use your imagination and raise some funds for the cause!


New Year Healthy Challenge

Once the festive celebrations are over… yes, that familiar feeling of over indulgence. Make a difference in 2021 and turn your New Year's resolutions into positive action for Act 4 Angela. 

  • Act 4 Angela New Year Healthy Challenge - Join our challenge to improve your health and well-being and help raise money for Angela’s cancer treatment. You can reduce your risk of getting cancer by making healthy lifestyle changes.

Other Ways to Fundraise

Here are some other ideas for you to consider. Fundraising doesn’t have to be difficult, it can be very easy and all the money you are raising is vitally important. 

  • Keep on Running - Just because we can’t hold big events doesn’t mean you can’t compete. Gather your running partners, decide the distance, get your sponsors and off you go. Whoever covers the distance in the fastest time is the winner! We will even provide you with a fundraising pack and even a medal for the winner. 

  • Virtual Scavenger Hunt - For a fun, virtual-friendly activity, try an online scavenger hunt. Take some time to develop a scavenger hunt that guides participants around the web (especially our own website) to find clues relating to our mission. For instance, they may find a clue hidden in a picture on our Meet the Team page. Or, maybe they'll find a secret message on our website. Get creative with your scavenger hunt and be sure to offer a prize to the first person who can find all of your hidden messages!

  • Virtual Cooking Lessons Right now, most of us are trapped at home, waiting for the global pandemic to subside. Many people have extra time on their hands (or kids to entertain), and they’re eager to try new things, learn new skills, and just have a little fun. Take advantage of this opportunity by offering virtual cooking lessons as a fundraiser! Really, this fundraiser isn’t limited to cooking. Whether you find an excellent cook, an impressive seamstress, or an origami master, as long as you can live-stream the lessons and the people who sign up can order the supplies, it’s a great idea. People will be excited to learn something new and support our great cause. You can ask someone in your organisation to lead the class (if they have that ability), or you can find a celebrity chef to offer professional instructions.

GET IN TOUCH with us and help to make your life-saving fundraising a success!